Bangalore Naatkal


Cast Crew

Actor : Arya , Bobby Simha

Actress : Sri Divya

Director : Bommarillu Bhaskar

Producer : Prasad V Potluri

Story Writer :

Music Director : Gopi Sunder

Cinematography : K. V. Guhan

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Multi-starrer "Bangalore Naatkal" was released worldwide on Friday, 5 February. The Tamil movie is written and directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar and is a remake of blockbuster Malayalam movie "Bangalore Days". See 'Bangalore Naatkal' Photos | 'Visaranai' Movie Review | 'Saahasam' movie review Arya, Sri Divya, Bobby Simha, Rana Daggubati, Samantha, Parvathy and Raai Laxmi, who was formerly known as Laxmi Rai, are a part of "Bangalore Naatkal". Prakash Raj, Saranya Ponvannan, MS Bhaskar, Rekha and others are in the supporting cast. "Bangalore Naatkal", which is produced by Prasad V Potluri, has Gopi Sunder's music, KV Guhan's cinematography and Marthand K Venkatesh's editing. The film is about the formative stage in the life of three cousins, who are also best friends. The original version "Bangalore Days" featured Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Fahadh Faasil, Isha Talwar, Parvathy and Nithya Menen in key roles. It was written and directed by Anjali Menon. As the original version was a runaway hit, people have pinned high hopes on its remake too. So far, the audio, teaser and trailer have managed to draw the viewers' attention to some extent. Reviews: Here, we bring to you the live audience response to "Bangalore Naatkal". Jinsemax wrote: #BangaloreNaatkal mismatch of actors. No soul. Sri divya irritated to core. Came bak home at interval. Rana looks like gng 4 wrestling Praveen tweeted: For tamil audiences,who haven't seen the original , #BangaloreNaatkal will be a refreshing film. Music and cinematography are major plus. #BangaloreNaatkal — Works to some extent due to Bhaskar's packaging and Anjali's script. #Parvathy, #Sridivya and #Saranya were impressive. #BangaloreNaatkal — 2.75/5 Timepass. Decent remake of a wonderful feel good entertainer but lacks the magic of #BangaloreDays.Watchable once Christopher Kanagaraj posted: #BangaloreNaatkal | Gud remake with a convincing cast. Sridivya, Arya, Rana, Parvathy, Prakashraj,Saranya super Few dull moments in 2nd hlf! Nagaraja Reddy tweeted: Fantastic first half #BangaloreNaatkal. What a change over from Beasty Bhallala Deva to Prasad @RanaDaggubati Settled performance by @RanaDaggubati ☺ not just a guest role, his presence is across the film and an Very Important role #BangaloreNaatkal Dinesh posted: #BangaloreNaatkal interval - Detailing that we've seen in the original is totally missing. They just imitated scenes without any effort. #BangaloreNaatkal interval - Doesn't live upto the original. Except Rana, none of them are doing justice to their characters. Haricharan Pudipeddi posted: #BangaloreNaatkal at interval. Dreadfully pathetic. The casting is a big letdown. Most scenes appear staged. #BangaloreNaatkal works to some extent in the second half, thanks to Saranya Ponvannan and Parvathy. Otherwise, a bore fest. Vijayakrishnan wrote: #BangaloreNaatkal Love ,friends and drama, A break with normal masala movies. Superb narration but not like original cameo version. Prasanna Lakshmi wrote: @arya_off #BangaloreNaatkal @sathyam_cinemas expected u my luv lukng chow smart mvie s so good ❤️❤️ wishes to entire team Manjunath posted: #BangaloreNaatkal spoiled original version #BangaloreDays was more better tan this sleeping film totally boring better skip this film.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

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